Site Description Url Link
Official 3dfx Site, Now Shutting Down :( Http://
A whole variety of utilities, drivers and tweaks. Http://
x3dfx, was a project to create new drivers, now is the 3dfx community homebase. Http://
Host to Cairey's Voodoo 3 drivers and UT maps plus some other of his work, worth a look around. Http://
Host to the G.O.D Voodoo Drivers and other applications/tools
The website of this site's creator, well worth a look imo ;)
Creator of 3dfx drivers, respected member of the x3dfx community. Finds rare 3dfx items and aquires >:) well worth a look for any hardcore 3dfx'er
GioFX's site, well worth a look (else it wouldn't be here ;) and from his hype sounds to be one hell of a site for reference material and files!
I should hit myself for not linking to this sooner. It is _the_ place for trouble shooting the most common Voodoo usage problems! http://Go.To/VoodooUsers
3dfx assistance site ran by b0ing and fellow dedicated 3dfx followers!
Site ran by NT2000, Atm has a collection of drivers