26/05/20 - 17:46 GMT

Found some more Banshee BIOSs, these are designed for particular board vendors.

14/12/12 - 00:36 GMT

So I've just stumbled upon info' that there's a Voodoo 3 3000 BIOS - Version 2.15.13-SD somewhere, dated 21/05/02 , unfortunately the posts I've found are from people in 2002/2003 and the chances of them still having the card is very slim. So if anyone can dump this BIOS and e-mail it to me that'd be great (vixk_98 {at} Thanks!

31/03/11 - 22:45 BST

Just realised the 1.12 AGP MD5 file was not there, fixing.


Surprisingly two people have approached me with the same BIOS version recently. rottonTreats along with Eki have e-mailed me 1.03e for the Voodoo 5 5500 AGP. Knowing how small the community for the Voodoo cards are it was probably the same board it came from, a '1800B prototype' on rotton's side and Eki states 'P/N is 210-0413-001-A0' again a prototype 'Not for Resale' board. Usual place.


Hello guys, new BIOS here. Voodoo 5 5500 1.12 AGP clocked at 183mhz taken from a possibly dodgy NFR PCB dated 2300. Thanks to rottonTreats for the find, and sorry that it's been sat in my inbox since Tuesday, 26 August, 2008! Enjoy!


Adverts, sorry. However, Google Adsense will pay me if you click them! Please do. In other news I have another Voodoo BIOS to upload, it's sat in my e-mail. I'll get around to it.


There're some nice new updates here at the website; and no it isn't the fabled 'redesign'. First up, a new BIOS has been sent in by razrx: "V5 5500 AGP - 0900 - Rev A1 prototype that has a bios of: 1.03h" which has been uploaded under the V5 5500 AGP section. Next up was a request from Calen Finke to put up MD5 checksums of the BIOS files. Well, I've used a tool called QuickSFV that's completely free for MS Windows that creates and verifies checksums in '.md5' (and '.sfv') format. These are now next to every BIOS file that I'll upload and is uploaded (md5). Enjoy.


Myself and AMDFreak/Neolojik knocked heads recently. There's something missing from the internet.
Here you go, the 3Dfx BIOS and Driver source code (40mb).


It's sad that good things must come to an end. I think that some are just lazy and want to let something die. There should be a graveyard on the internet for websites that can't handle it anymore. There is almost such a website. The Wayback Machine. I've updated the links page, thanks to an email from Christian who is looking for information on the Voodoo3 3500 break-out box I have updated the links page with either new URLs to the websites or a link to what the websites were. I don't think in this case that removing the links entirely is the right sort of attitude. If I could; I'd host the websites myself, especially when they had some interesting information on like the 3dfx 'net legend that is NuAngel.

As a reminder. Access this site via Http:// and NOT - I don't want you full of spyware.


Happy New Year! I received an e-mail from Mark Huizing, who fortuitously pointed out some link errors on the BIOS page. Why someone else hadn't shown me this issue is beyond me. However, I do read e-mails that aren't accidently caught by the spam filter and the problem on the Banshee and V5 5000 BIOS links are now amended! Enjoy!
Also, if anyone is wondering. I have considered a redesign of this site several times. If someone wants to write one; feel free. The reason why I haven't is purely because this one, while looking awful, does the job. I may make it XHtml compliant if I feel adventurous. Other than that, it's gonna stay. Laters!

Kudos goes out to AMDFreak/NeoLojik, Siris and The_Master. Back in 'the day' meant a lot to the 3dfx community. For 2 years it will point to this website just in case anyone has actually been using that url (was dead) and had difficulty finding bios's. The main url for this site is still


So I'm sat here, right? and I get this e-mail. Someone's got a v5 5500 PCI DVI out enabled bios. Nothing new there. Though it apparently states 'v5 5500' unlike the one I currently have, that makes the card state it's for a v4. It works, apparently. So I suggest you use this one in future. It's version 1.18 too.

r21co sent me the nice bios (it's in the download section, both bios's are noted with the word 'state') He said to me: "There's a new bios dumped by trigger on forums," So, thanks dudes!


Almost a year? Wow.
Alright guys, here's the idea. I'm thinking of starting an nVidia BIOS site. Just a comprehensive (actually navigatable) site of nVidia BIOSs with their relevant tools and suchlike, all in one easy to reference place. There're already sites out there, I know. But we're talking a comprehensive collection of just about every single damn one I can get my grubby little mits on. We had quite a collection for 3dfx, lets see what we can get for nVidia!

So what do I want you to do? I want you to grab nvFlash, and run it with 'nvflash --save bios.rom' I could be wrong as to the right syntax, so read the info text that's with the file.
Then, send it along to with the relevant details of, Brand of card, Name of card, and any *special* hardware spec' of the card and/or anything distinctive about the card. (Such as ram type, etc).

I forgot to mention ATi, perhaps those would also be a good idea! Heh heh, here should be all you need to dump your ATi bios (I only did a quick search) so get dumping please!
Thanks guys, laters!


I received an e-mail from FalconFly of all people, recently. Seems he has a Voodoo BIOS to send me, so I figure 'all right, lets shove it up'. Lets see. What better than to quote the man himself?

Since several people already asked me for it in the past, I've attached the BIOS taken off the 3dfx/IBM Voodoo4-2 4200 PCI w/DVI (16MB DDR-SDRAM), 143MHz (assumed VSA-101 Daytona) that I aquired a while ago.

The Card posts exactly like this : Voodoo4-2 4200 Supported Bios - Version 1.05 Copyright (C) 1990-2000 Elpin Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved 3dfx Interactive, Inc. Total DDR Video Memory Size: 16384k

Thanks for that FalconFly, he goes on to say images of the card can be found here. You can find the BIOS under 'miscellaneous' in the BIOS section.


The amount of people who used to tell me that flashing your Voodoo was a pointless exercise. The fact that there couldn't POSSIBLY be any worth in updating your BIOS for video card, the fact that 'it it aint broke, don't fix it' and all of that CRAP. Well, if it was that POINTLESS, then why did Adrian's Rojak Pot even bother to do an entire article on how and why to do it? Although it may not be aimed at 3dfx, more so at ATi and nVidia no doubt. It just reinforces an age old point that I've badgered the community about for a decade or more.


Hello there, people from Germany, Japan and China. I know you're visiting, I can see it on my hitcounter. ^_^; If you visited this site from any other link than Then I suggest you re-visit this site using that url. Mainly because, viewing main.html directly, only gives you this news screen and little else. Those using a Macintosh, here's a little guide to get you started. Not by me, so don't ask me. ^_^;


Well, I finally have it! Thanks to Vykupitel from the x3DFx forum. There's a Voodoo 5 5500 PCI DV Out Macintosh .rom bios file in the usual place. Created freshly with a 3dfx Flash Utility. I've no idea what version this bios is unfortunately. (What can I say? I've never owned a Voodoo 5, or a Macintosh). Hope you enjoy it.


Thanks to Roland ( aka Rolo01 ), there is now a 1.15 AGP bios for the Voodoo 5 5000 in the bios area.


Thanks to Vykupitel from the x3DFx forum, I finally have my hands on a Voodoo 5 5500 PCI DV Macintosh bios. Created from a 3dfx Flash Utility. So it's a nice and comfortable .rom file than the .bin files, you'll find it in the usual place. Unfortunately I have no idea what version it is. The fact that it's Macintosh, for the V5 55k and with DV Out is enough, isn't it?


Looking through the 1.18 bios's for the Voodoo 5 5500, I've discovered, that for some reason in the bios with Digital Output enabled, it has the tag: "Voodoo4 4000 Supported BIOS - Version 1.18" this may explain why some people have been stating that their Voodoo 5 5500 is now claiming that it's a Voodoo 4. The only thing I can recommend is that you use the AGP 1.18 bios, as the only difference really is an ID tag in the bios anyway, from what I know of them. Hope that clears it up.


Well LogicalMadness gave me the go-ahead for mirroring the Voodoo 5 6000 bios files, so they're they are on the bios page, alongside the previous bios's I've aquired, just in the case that they're different (you never know I suppose). In the mean time, this site may be shifting and getting a bit of a facelift, I say 'may' because I designed this site so it'd just be 'static' and effectively, be like this for a long, long time. Anyway, we'll see what happens, just make sure you access the site via Http://Welcome.To/3dfxbios to see any change, heh :)


Updated the Bios listings, rooting through my old e-mail I discovered that there were two bios's I haven't uploaded. The Voodoo 5 5500 1.08 bios, and also the Voodoo 5 6000 0.28 bios. I've also discovered that each bios for the Voodoo 5 6000 is unique due to the sheer amount of revisions of the card that were brought out, I've marked the only information I know of on the bios's, when I get to know more, or aquire more bios's then I'll label them as appropriate. Unless/until I get permission to mirror more Voodoo 5 6000 bios's, you can aquire them from LogicalMadness.


I've had several people contact me in regards to the 1.18 Voodoo 5 5500 Bios, stating that it sets the Voodoo to actually be a Voodoo 4. May I just say, that the 1.18 PCI bios listed, I have never tested. And the 1.18 bios has never changed since I first got hold of it, aside from the serial number tag which is set to If it's setting your Voodoo to Voodoo 4, I have no idea why. My knowledge extends to these three facts: It has flashed fine for people before, It says Voodoo 5 5500 in it (can be seen at least by viewing with notepad) and that it hasn't changed since it was hosted at If the bios you've flashed, says it's a Voodoo 4, check the flash executable you're using, and also check that you accessed this site via and it's not someone else's site, saying to bug me, and direct linking (someone has done that before). Sorry I can't be of any more help.


People've often asked me how to modify their bios, to overclock it 'hardcore' style, or to try to optimise it themselves, well, aside from using the raw sourcecode to do it, there is another way, I'd been meaning to update the FAQ with the information for some time, but I've never got around to it. So here's a site for you people, I don't support it, but this guy does ;) Pa3pyx's site of miscellaneous stuff covers what you'll need to know that isn't covered here. I believe it applies, not just for the Voodoo 3, but for the 4 and 5 aswell. Enjoy!


Added a link to the Links section... I should've made this link sooner ... VoodooUsers, if you didn't know, is _the_ place (imo) for if you're having trouble using your Voodoo... it's the most under-linked site I've ever seen, if you haven't linked there, do so, because over the years, it's answered many a question I've seen asked on newsgroups and forums!


Release Notes for the Voodoo 4 through to Voodoo 5 6000 bios range. Aka Napalm 1 & 2.


Update to the bios section. I've received a bios that's been modified by 'Kool'. Apparently, when flashing a Macintosh Voodoo 5 5500 with this bios, it will enable the Digital Output and will then be usable on a PC system. Details of the bios are apparently PCI and SDRam. Hope someone tries it out.


Minor update to the FAQ section, it's been pointed out that the colours are a bit dodgy, and why yes, they are. Unfortunately I was in a bit of a rush to get this done when I was doing it, as I handed it in as an assignment at university :)


Well, the site's not dead yet >:) mua hahaha... heh, anyway...
Thanks to Mildil, there's a Voodoo 5 6000 1.11 bios sat in the downloads section, also thanks to Brainiac there's now a Voodoo 3 3000 AGP Gateway 1.20 bios. Glad to see people send things my way even though I'm not on the scene anymore :) The site's still going, there's nothing really to change since you can get most information elsewhere, so I'll just keep this running as a 'resource' site with the basic information. I've got a more personal site going on, Stanto's World's in the links section :) Cya guys.


Thanks to Adrian "OuTsIdEr" Moisey, there's a new Voodoo 3 bios available. Apparently from a 'PowerColor' V3 which I'm starting to think previous to the last bios revision are the same as the normal 3dfx cards. What's interesting is the bios is Version H4 0.26-SD. And instead of calling it a Voodoo 3 3000 in the bios, it calls it the "3Dfx Avenger Version 1.00". :) Nice find, although I don't know how well it'd flash to a Voodoo 3 3000 or why you would want it to :)


Thanks to David Eyles, the 1.15 PCI Voodoo 5 5500 bios is now available. A new link has been added to the links section. You can now access this site via the url Http:// aswell as the regular Http://Welcome.To/3dfxbios - Thanks AMDFreak :)


Sorted out the flash utility in the recovery disk to use the latest version, eep sorry :)
Added the supposed Powercolor 1.00.01 SD V3 3000 bios.


Well I think the site's finally completed, now everyone should be able to enjoy it in all it's *cough* glory. If I've missed anything, or if someone finds new bios's, or any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. Contact details are on the FAQ page or at Http://Welcome.To/StantoWorld , Enjoy! - StANTo


Updated 'Bios's' section with Banshee Bios's


Completed 'FAQ' section


Completed 'Util's' section


Completed 'Bios's' section


Completed 'Bios' layout


Completed 'Links' and 'Utilities'

23/11/01 to 25/12/01

Major site redesign and restructuring, including bugfixes, creating new graphics, aligning tables and frames, along with misc testing and uploading of base site.


Designed site for 800x600, optimised frame percentages


Created frameset, menu background image, organised title frame, realised site design is only for 1024x768